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    Our Vision

    Dedicated to improving the clinical outcomes for every individual in our community. We work with employers and insurance companies to develop services and networks of mental health providers. Our mental health networks are the foundation for population-based health care solutions.

    We develop initiatives to establish better health as a key organizational value in companies and for the insurance industry. IBHN coordinates behavioral health solutions and provides mental health networks to Nevada businesses and the insurance industry.

    Continuous Improvement

    We are a community network that is constantly learning from one another and our broader environment, while remaining open to opportunities to improve and grow. We understand that behavioral health is an essential component of high-quality healthcare. From screening and assessing depression, to motivating healthier behaviors and providing comprehensive care for those with serious mental illness, coordinated behavioral health services are the future of population-based healthcare. Our diverse, interdisciplinary behavioral health network of premium providers has extensive clinical, policy, operations and funding expertise in mental health and substance use disorder prevention and treatment.