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Welcome To Insight Behavioral Health Network

Our mission is creating networks of behavioral health doctors, counselors and hospitals who provide the highest quality of services to the state of Nevada.   Our network consists of experienced and skilled psychologists, psychiatrists, hospitals and counselors in the region who achieve excellence through knowledge, education and advocacy.

We strive to help each person improve their quality of life. We accomplish this by supporting each person’s strength and dignity while encouraging them to be guided by their own process of recovery.

Our Vision

We are dedicated to improving the clinical outcomes for every individual in our community. We work with employers and insurance companies to develop services and networks of mental health providers. Our mental health networks are the foundation for population-based health care solutions.

We develop initiatives to establish better health as a key organizational value in companies and for the insurance industry. IBHN coordinates behavioral health solutions and provides mental health networks to Nevada businesses and the insurance industry.

Continuous Improvement

We are a community network that is constantly learning from one another and our broader environment, while remaining open to opportunities to improve and grow. We understand that behavioral health is an essential component of high-quality healthcare. From screening and assessing depression, to motivating healthier behaviors and providing comprehensive care for those with serious mental illness, coordinated behavioral health services are the future of population-based healthcare. Our diverse, interdisciplinary behavioral health network of premium providers has extensive clinical, policy, operations and funding expertise in mental health and substance use disorder prevention and treatment.



 Member Resource Portal

Our members have access to an exclusive online portal with a huge list of benefit partners, who are fully vetted to provide you the best in services to help run your practice. These vendors offer deep savings available to help you run your business. The portal has access to discounted EMR systems and billing services to a free legal review of your Employee Handbook. The portal also provides you a complete practice analysis to bring you the best in vendor savings as a member of IBHN.

Insight Behavioral Health Network

Our Vision

Insight Behavioral Health Network

Our Mission

Insight Behavioral Health Network

Our Principles

  • Who knew that changing my brain function would not only change the direction of my life, it would ultimately save it. My doctor’s recognition of my depressed and altered brain function and subsequent neuromodulation was a pivotal key that unlocked my future facing a terminal diagnosis … then.
    Carol Ann
  • As a risk-taking kid who grew up drinking and drugging, I ended up face-to-face with a judge. Although this was a significant encounter, it was my face-to- face with a doctor who showed me the de-synchronized physical condition of my brain creating symptoms leading to my addiction, who then offered me treatment to change it, that made the difference. This treatment saved my life!


Brain Health Restoration